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welcome to The Danish National School of Performing Arts

The Danish National School of Performing Arts provides new talents with the skills to work professionally in an international context. As Denmark's leading educational institution within the field of performing arts, the school offers educational programmes at the highest level across all aspects of the field. International students can enroll on either exchange or full-degree level. Welcome!

Universal (2017)

The Danish National School of Performing Arts offers educational programmes at BA and MA level as well as further education and constitutes a strong environment for artistic development work within performing arts. The School educates graduates who will have a thorough knowledge about their own subject field and who simultaneously will master a cross-disciplinary and entrepreneurial mind-set.

Denmark's leading educational institution within performing arts

The programmes are directed toward an expanded field of employment - for performing and creating artists - and will embrace knowledge, skills and competences within the entire performing arts field. The programmes are characterised by close interaction between practice, theory and reflection, and the subject-related substance is based upon artistic knowledge. They provide the students with tools that enable them to create a sustainable artistic work life within – but not limited to – the performing arts field.

Hvad vi taler om, når vi taler om kærlighed (2017)
Vrede (2018)
Pippin (2017)
Mand uden hensigt (2017)
Body News & Kaleidoscope (2018)