Frequently asked questions

When is deadline/closing day for applications? Is there an application fee? What are the requirements for admission? How old do I need to be to be accepted to one of the study programmes?


You will get an answer to this and many other questions in the following. If you are not able to find a proper answer to a question of yours, you are always welcome to contact us. On the bottom of this page, you will see our contact info. 

How do I apply to one of the study programmes at DASPA?
What is the main teaching language at DASPA?
What is meant by CV regarding the application for the study programme in acting?
Can I make alterations and additions to my online application form?
Is there a registration or application fee when applying for admission at DASPA?
Are there any tuition fees when accepted to a study programme at DASPA?
Am I entitled to State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme (SU)?
What qualifications do I need to obtain to apply?
What is the admission age?
When do you arrange an Open House so that I can visit the school and get more information about the study programmes?
I have not been invited to the second audition. Is it possible to receive either a verbal or a written reason why that is?
I still have not received an email saying, if I have been invited to the next audition or not?
The application deadline has expired. Is it possible to apply anyway?
Is it possible to ask for a specific date to audition within the audition period?
Is it possible to skip the first year for instance and apply in the middle of a study programme that is already in progress?
When does the school year start and finish?
Covid-19 information
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