Performing arts production

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The objective of the performing arts production programme is to educate independent graduates who are capable of acting at a professional level within the performing arts production field. The study programme develops the ability of the student to facilitate and handle complex performing arts production processes and to work out and substantiate relevant implementation proposals and solution models in various contexts.

The study programme emphasises the development of methodical knowledge and skills, empowering the student to realise a given performing arts vision and to act in a flexible manner within various structures, production set-ups and cooperation constellations for the benefit of the entirety. Furthermore, it is the objective of the study programme to hone the ability of the student to independently launch, realise and assess performing arts projects. 

The study programme includes a number of elements, which are common for all students within the study programme, as well as elements that allow for individual or professional specialisation. The performing arts production programme has two specialisations: Stagecraft and management. The stagecraft specialisation specifically qualifies for employment as stage manager or prop master, while the management specialisation specifically qualifies for professional work as performance or production manager.