Gathering of spaces

performance projects by students from Dance Partnership

In this evening, we present six different creative spaces that seek to identify artistic and pedagogical potentials in the dance field. Our participants are brave volunteers from all type of backgrounds that agreed to take a leap into the unknown space of what is an artistic research.

It is also searching for common ground.
It is also about the multiplicity of dance definition.
It is also a manifold of identities.
It is also an expression of the diversity defining our group. 
It is also a fusion of our own rules and those of the institution.
It is also sharing creative universes.

You are warmly invited to experience the intersection of our encounters.

Admission will be on a first come, first served basis. No ticket booking necessary. 


LUCÍA JAÉN SERRANO - Complementary Z
SONIA NTOVA - Let your boring self die
TANYA RYDELL MONTAN - My superficial self

Artistic mentoring by Malin Astner & Rasmus Ölme.

Thanks to the production team: Laura Navndrup Black, Micaela Kühn Jara, Tania Maria Johannesen, Ghita Ohman, Todd Sarfaraz, Leif Petersen, Ole Andersen, Christian Jütte.

time and venue

6th & 7th of June 18:00 to 20:00 (break included)

The Danish National School of Performing Arts
Philip de Langes Allé 3
1435 København K


Esther Wrobel

Up Sharp, Esther Wrobel


Sharp is a gathering of short tableaus that play with blurring the lines between the body and its environment and the body as an environment. In the studio we found potential in the combination of physical pressure and imagination as tools for research, which we then used to make our material. The presentation is a glimpse of the potential that exists within this research.

Choreographer and facilitator

Esther Wrobel

Performers and/or collaborators

Group 3 of the Artistline at AFUK. Alrik Lundin, Ellinor Novellino, Fernando Ruíz- Diaz, Julia Myllykangas, Mads Steen, Victor Gabriel.

Lucía Jaén Serrano

Compementary Z, Lucía Jaén Serrano

Complementary Z

Colours. Lights. Spheres. Chromaticisms. Lines. Bodies. Movements. Shifts. Singularities.

Youth. Group. Creation. Game. Combination. Contemporary. Generation Z. Plurality.

Harmony. Stillness. Tension. Touch. Uncertainty. Entropy. Co-creation. Performance.

Choreography by

Lucía Jaén Serrano.

Music by

Vika Matuzaite.

Dance by

Dansebryggeriet students: Charlie Møller Nielsen, Nora Antonie Blok Staun, Nanna Pi Idström Lyngby, Lou Melodie Johansen, Sofie Wagner Stage, Alice Lilly Hinman, Lucca Flood, Alma Sabinsky. Liva Lucia Nørskov, Isa Dittmer Rohmann, Selma Liise Erkut, Olivia Brophy, Coco Alvida Baunø Partov, Selma Sandhagen, Wilma Baumann, Emily Hinman.

Ida Katinka Fridan Pedersen

Boo Hoo, Ida Katinka Fridan Pedersen, picture #1
Boo Hoo, Ida Katinka Fridan Pedersen, picture #2
Boo Hoo, Ida Katinka Fridan Pedersen, picture #3
Boo Hoo, Ida Katinka Fridan Pedersen, picture #4
Boo Hoo, Ida Katinka Fridan Pedersen, picture #5


A continuation of the performance title ‘The Third Performer’ that was presented at choreographic evening on the 27th of April at the Danish National School of Performing Arts. A wish to dig deeper into what is already there, what we are already working on and continue in a persistence through time, ‘Boo Hoo’.


#1 Rehearsal with Tanya Montan Rydell and I.K.F.P at the ‘Danish National School For Performing Arts’ Copenhagen, DK. Still Frame.
#2 1 May 2019 Copenhagen, DK. Confrontation between the police and ‘Antifascistisk Aktion’ demonstration. Photo by I.K.F.P.
#3 Magazine about hair styling found in ‘Afro Benidan’ at Gasværksvej in Copenhagen, DK. Photo by I.K.F.P.
#4 Picture from email invitation by Katie Duck - May 13 to 19 Freakatoni Witchy Weekend CEART-Mexico. Katie Duck Workshop towards Performances, Rosarito, Mexico. For Dancers, Musicians, Actors, Singers and Performance Artists.
#5 Earth at ‘Vestre Kirkegård’ Copenhagen, DK. Photo by I.K.F.P.

Performed and created by

  • Tanya Rydell Montan
  • I.K.F.P
  • Other performers to be announced
  • Cow Leather Jacket

Thanks to

family, friends, and strangers

Helmi Järvensivu

Our Pattern, Helmi Järvensivu

Our Pattern

There is a 31-year-old daughter and a 65-year-old father on stage. They have 17 years of living under the same roof, 14 under different roofs. The other is a professional dancer, the other is a retired social worker. One nurtured the other once. One is going to nurture the other someday. In this time and space, they are standing on their own feet. Searching their common pattern.

Work is a co-creation of Helmi and Antti Järvensivu


Helmi Järvensivu

Tanya Rydell Montan

My superficial self, Tanya Rydell Montan
My superficial self, Tanya Rydell Montan
My superficial self, Tanya Rydell Montan

My Superficial Self

What I like about dance

Everyone looks so much more beautiful when they’re dancing. Maybe it is because there’s this feeling of unity, it brings people together.

Or maybe because every movement is related to your mood and emotions and through breathing, you can get rid of bad things and can fill yourself with good feelings.

It gets your heart-rate going, but it is also difficult. Sometimes the body knows how it wants to move but you can’t turn off your brain, you want to be able to explore all the space, but you keep dancing in lines or circles. There are so many choices. You can dance rhythmically to the music, or not, you can make a statement, get people engaged, or not.

But I sleep better in the night after dancing, and I’ve started noticing that a lot of the movements I do at work is dancing.

It is beautiful.

Organizer of Space and Time

Tanya Rydell Montan


Fransisco Alzúa, Hrefna Jónsdóttir, Maríanna Magnúsdóttir, Benedicte Morre, Inken Ohlsen, Tanya Rydell Montan

Sonia Ntova

Let your boring self die, Sonia Ntova

Let your boring self die

A wish to create a milieu to look at things as if they could be otherwise. A process of investigating the sensory body interacting with the world around it.

How perception can reshape our understanding by using the imagination. How does our imagination change our body shapes? And by means our interaction with the world? Can we re- shape our embodiment by manipulating reality with the imagination?

We sense, we perceive, we fantasise, we re-shape.

Performance Project by

Sonia Ntova


Vipul Nandaniya, Robin Burnosky, Raveema Chauhan, Dipti Neupane

Audio/Video material*

The participants and the sound of the Sun.

* The audio/video material was the outcome of a workshop with 4 volunteer practitioners, open to experiment with their perception and reshape the geography of co- existence.

Dato & sted
6. - 7. juni 2019
DDSKS København
Sal 1
Philip de Langes Allé 3
1435 København K