Bachelor projects Dance and Choreography 2019

In June 2020, Denmark will see the first graduated BA-students in Dance and Choreography.

This autumn they have been working on their individual BA-projects and we would like to invite you to their showings, which represent the public part of the projects. First come, first served - no need to make reservations!


Find the times and locations of each showing below


projects descriptions

find the descriptions of each showing below


by Astrid Schmidt Andersen

Skjul beskrivelse
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VRA VRA VRA is a culmination of the bachelor work and the personal journey that emerged from it.

The project has its base from a two-week workshop with TWIS (The World Is Sound) dealing with “human voice in motion”. The objective of this project is to transmit the experiences made during these last months.

The sharing consists of multiple exercises, a bike ride, a homemade suit, personal notes and a reconstruction of the Berlin tribe – all exploring the human voice and its inherent creativity.

A huge thanks to Alessio Castellacci, Irena Z. Tomažin and the rest of the tribe.

Barely there

by Denise Lim

Skjul beskrivelse
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to shift to change to be with movement to be with this moment to be with these things to make something to make my experience possible to transform my experience to experience something different to work in alternatives to give to receive to serve to give to receive from and serve the work to remove myself from the work in order to see it differently to destroy the search for meaning to destroy the search for joy for happiness to destroy expectations to surprise myself to entertain myself to challenge myself to take care of myself to make frames that serve me and not break me to make frames that could help me see the work from other perspectives to trust the practice to practice practicing to recover to heal to pause the tumbling motion of life for one moment to fantasize to imagine to imagine a possible future to gather resources to try to put myself first and see what happens to dig to excavate to give time for reflection to make space for contemplation to act to act directly to act directly and immediately to give thanks to acknowledge influences to embrace influences to trust intuition to allow change to fake change to fake motivation to deal intimately with giving up


Malin Astner

Sparring Partner

Stina Ingrid Ehn Hillberg

With special thanks to my class, the faculty, the production team, and everyone who has contributed to making this possible

the Bone, the Cat, the Shell & the Conductor

by Eva Johanna Forsehag

Skjul beskrivelse
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                  is infinite

to void


   avoid the void or



     it’s a shell

 that carries the void


it’s a house

     the shell that carries the void

is a house

     is a space

is a house that

     is the shell that

hosts the void

      can’t avoid the void


the bone feels the void

  sees through sense

           through bone

the void is


        embrace full

  the massive misty


unavoidable   is





        parallel universes

two-spaces in one


unavoidable is




in giant shell


        non-time non-space


sound of


              thick of

 endlessness of




    small in home

isolated in home where time is


    here just is home


cat takes no time in consideration

          just is


non-space is

         space and

         space is


in one seashell


between bone


and within


   foggy mass of

            sound of






space giant seashell

tiny like grain

 sound deafening piercing  bones

makes vibrate


if this was

a shell

bet this would be exactly what the so called

ocean sound

 would sound like

    would feel like

 would taste like

     trembling like


grain in

                seashell and


    like it tells to move


washes through all


creates grid of sound


 to follow it

   to move it

be part of it

bones of cat

bones of bone

      the shell is


 conducting all

New Repetitions

by Ida Mariboe Nielsen 

Skjul beskrivelse
Vis beskrivelse

Repeating the repetition

reconstructing, redefining, recognising, reconsidering, reformulating 

repeating, recognising and reconsidering what the repetition means to me and how I could redefine it for myself


Differentiating from before

trying to get rid of time


zooming in on the micro-movements in my body 

How much of my body can I be aware of in this moment? 

I am starting with my breath. Inhale and exhale. 


My body contains it all

The movements. The air is touching my skin.

The phrase is a container

The movements dance inside of the positions


Visuals and photo

Tiffany Louise Hoff


Todd Sarfaraz


Malin Astner

Thanks to Lara Ostan Vejrup for being my sparring partner, my class, the faculty, the production team and everyone who has been apart of the process.

everything and everything else

by Joana Ellen Öhlschläger

Skjul beskrivelse
Vis beskrivelse

A performance of mixed material 

If I go here

I will have 

gone here

But if I turn direction

where will I end up

If I dig up the

treasures of my past


they still worth a


Some salt some


Some blue some shadows


borrowed something stolen

A pile

of trash or another



way to go go 





What got lost


Go back

Go back



then what


By means of mass production and pressuring time frames I betook myself to a space and a mindset to produce within - a meeting point of old ideas and imaginations, current thoughts and occupations, embodied knowledge as well as unforeseeable impulses.

A research on decision making processes and modes of performing. Finding pathways to accumulatelatelatelatelatelate to then tidy up the chaos. 


By and with

Joana Ellen Öhlschläger 


Malin Astner 


Quim Bigas Bassart, Jennifer Lacey, Sophie Grodin 

In cooperation with

Johanna Forsehag 
Sofia Bellucci 
Viktor Dahl 
Jesper Berger 
Balder Mark Vairagi Nørskov
Paolo De Venecia Gile 
Tobias Sejersdahl 
Lucie Piot 

Special thanks to

Antonia Harke
Ella Östlund
Lisa Nyberg 
my class
the faculty
the production team that made this possible 
and last but definitely not least: everyone who attended my performances throughout the process - what a great support !


by Kasper Buus & Mads Emil Duelund Hansen

Skjul beskrivelse
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- how long does a friendship take?

The piece SLAP HIT HUG is a collaboration between the Odense Acting programme and the Dance and Choreography programme in Copenhagen.

It is a physical and artistic research of a friendship.

In a friendship, we are confronted with each other’s energy, aggression and love. 

We are two guys, and that is our starting point.


Kasper Buus & Mads Emil Duelund Hansen


Jannik Elkær, Noora Hannula, Archi Montañez, Emil Veber Rasmussen, Susanne Hjelm Pedersen & Thomas Nielsen, Kristoffer Kahpunkt, everyone who helped carry stuff and thanks to the tech staff at DDSKS

Off you go

by Kristoffer Kempker & Katrien Van Der Velden

Skjul beskrivelse
Vis beskrivelse

This is a place.

Entangled gatherings. Zones, uncertain.

A see-saw, a window, a gateway
Into and out,
Out into limitations

Abruptly disconnected

Ich ich ich.
How about: us, us, us?

B E come – Emanuel, for example

Du har gjort det igen.

A work on what happens when two performers research on „transitions“ and „states“ over some weeks. Starting from materials, restrictions were used to limit and yet stay connected.


Outside eye

Malin Astner 


Lotte Faarup

Sound/Light tec.

Astrid Pauline Schmidt

The swimmer

by Lara Ostan Vejrup

Skjul beskrivelse
Vis beskrivelse

Comments from WikHow staff editor: 
Yes, everyone can float in water, but fear can prevent some people from learning.
Always have someone to watch you when you are doing this. They’ll be able to help you with anything while you’re floating.

Thank you

Ida Mariboe Nielsen
Quim Bigas
Jens Oskar Tripsen 
Anders Toft Pedersen 
Michael Breiner 
Frederik Bogh
Bun Kobayashi 

Hard White

by Nadia Bounenni

Skjul beskrivelse
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This is a research-based project and has an initial reference on inappropriate behavior in various contexts. The spectators are taken into a journey, where they will reflect on their own references and will create awareness of their experiential associations under the exposure of certain visual, audio and other elements of stimulation.

Hard White is a question, a dialog and most of all, an inappropriate ride to the politics of self-expression.


Quim Bigas

Special thanks to my class, the faculty, and the production team.

Punto Linea Punto

by Sofia Bellucci

Skjul beskrivelse
Vis beskrivelse

Because I was already there
Because I needed to start from something 
There was silence in between
There was movement in between
Another movement

I make a movement, I repeat it, I go to another movement
Somewhere to go
Somewhere to stay
Somewhere to come back
It is going back and forward, constantly

Gustave’s knit

by Stina Ehn Hillberg

Skjul beskrivelse
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Gustave was biting his tongue
  What had happened to his tower
The sole the announcement     Kvickt i spillror
           Ten Towers in every city or no Tower
T       R       I      o

An atlas vertebra did it, then it didn’t
Simultaneously in the pocket of a friend, another dancing building

Gustave bit his tongue to not spill
He wiped his forehead and picked up another trowel
Seven others did the same


A showing of materials from the bachelor project by Stina Ehn Hillberg
The project is made in collaborations with Oda Brekke and Sophie Germanier
Supervised by Malin Astner
Special thanks to Denise Lim for sparring,
to Quim Bigas and Jennifer Lacey for feedback and methods
On tech: Joana Ellen Öhlshläger

Zone and Load

by Uma Shannon

Skjul beskrivelse
Vis beskrivelse

A dance that dances with you; Circulating around hoem as an idea and a place of habitat, rest, and what motivates me to study my body. In my life home has been fleeting and an always heartbreak to leave.

In this process, home became my body, my body my home. This is where all dances begin, at home. This dance is the physicalized manifestation of a period of what has felt like uproot myself; again and again, in different places, with different people, but ultimately always finding home. When I leave I now leave with the lesson that can only be learned through the body and expressed through dance.


Uma Shannon

Lighting and Sound

Uma Shannon


Uma Shannon

Special mentions

Erin Alles, Julia Rubies Subiros, DDSKS Dance and Choreographer students of 2020, my friends and family for the tenacious love and support


by Vera Bundschuh 

Skjul beskrivelse
Vis beskrivelse

A solo. A result of a search for movement material in which I see myself. I work with different textures, shapes, and sounds, looking for safety and affiliation.


Thanks to Benza Barbara


Tiziana Fracchiolla


Special thanks to Eliza Bożek and Jacobe Suissa Olsen


by Lucie Piot & Zoé Ambrus

Skjul beskrivelse
Vis beskrivelse

Precisely on each with eachother
Life and things and people letting
Me know what is there for
Informing shaping
Supporting helping being
You were
Falling and disappearing
Smoothly out sight but
Here reassuring
There the
Inside of my elbow on my eyes
The back of my knees a bruise on my finger

Thanks to

Tiziana Fracchiolla
Quim Bigas
AFUK (Søren Flor, Anne Mette Nørskov and the students)

Dato & sted
9. - 13. december 2019
DDSKS København
Philip de Langes Allé 3
1435 København K
Dato & sted
9. - 13. december 2019
Hvide Annekssal, Teaterøen
Refshalevej 320
1432 København K