Falk Richter is a playwright/director and as of 2019 professor at The Danish National School of Performing Arts. Richter is internationally renowned for his interdisciplinary work and distinct way of engaging with pressing social and political issues through performing arts. Questions of gender, heritage and belonging, as well as the politics of identity and resistance play an important role in his work, which is always research-based/oriented. Collaborating with actors, musicians, dancers, and video artists in processes, which may both take their point of departure in plays written by Richter as well as texts devised jointly during the rehearsal process, the work of Richter is rooted in a distinct intersectional approach to performing arts. Richter works internationally (Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, Australia, Holland, Belgium and beyond) and mostly with international casts. 

Falk Richter’s professorship at The Danish National School of Performing Arts

Taking the students’ creative ideas as a point of departure, the main focus of the MFA laboratory led by Falk Richter will be to create a master class for emerging artists, who aim to create their own projects and original works, either by taking on the role as writers/directors or by working as a collective. In turn, the laboratory will explore how students may develop their own methodological approach when engaging with projects situated in the intersection between new playwriting, performance, dance, video art, live music, as well as social and political research. Central questions to be explored include: How can artistic ideas be found, conceptualized, and developed into theatre performances or immersive projects? How do we commit our work to contemporary culture and politics? How do we build an ensemble? How do we gather an artistic team around us that supports our work? How do we initiate and lead a collective artistic process? 

Professor Richter’s workshops will include international guest teachers, excursions and international theatre work (e.g., in Berlin and Hamburg) and it is an integral part of his role as professor at The Danish National School of Performing Arts to develop the international profile of the new MFA. In 2019, Professor Richter's classes, lectures and workshops with the MA students will be held in Copenhagen, New York City, Hamburg and Berlin.

Performances (selection)

Am Königsweg - Schauspielhaus Hamburg

Trust - Schabühne Berlin

Trust - Schaubühne Berlin

For The Disconnected Child - Schaubühne Berlin

Small Town Boy - Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin

Biennale Venice Projekt on Heritage Gender and Identity 


Never Forever - Schaubühne Berlin

Protect Me - Trailer

Complexity of belonging 

Protect Me - Schaubühne

UNter Eis - Schaubühne

UNter Eis - Musiktheater