Professional Master in Musical Accompaniment for Dance (MAD)

2 years
study form
student intake
application deadline
8th of april 2019
27th and 28th of april 2019
dkk 15.400 per module (5 modules)

Only a few universities and conservatories in the world offer this extraordinary possibility of studying the deeper relationship between music and dance. This program is targeting professional musicians, composers and sound artists, who are special interested in collaborations with the performing arts and to study and learn the theory and practice behind it.

From the daily dance classes in ballet, classical modern, contemporary or improvisation to composition and/or improvisation for dance performances, this course gives the fundamental knowledge and practical experience in order to make it possible for the musicians and composers to develop a competence in dance/music relationship on a very high level and at the same time being a part of the creative and innovative work in the area. 

The Professional Master in Musical Accompaniment for Dance is a two-year part-time education (60 ECTS), which is offered as a collaboration between The Royal Danish Academy of Music (RDAM) and The Danish National School of Performing Arts (DASPA).

The education is a specialisation programme for professional musicians/composers/sound artists and is aiming to give the students new tools in order for them to apply their musical knowledge, skills and qualifications to new terms and concepts which can give them a foundation in creative musical work with dance, theatre and performance arts.

About the programme

The objective of the programme is to strengthen the interaction between two art forms and create the opportunity for collaborations at highest level within the traditional common subject areas (technique lessons, performances, repetition etc.) simultaneously with creating new platforms through experimental workshops, labs and artistic development projects.

After 10 years of pilot work, the programme has established a huge international network which ensures that the student will get in touch with the best qualifications, the latest tendencies and significant development projects within the field.

Structure and duration
Admission Requirements