Impro with Patti Stiles and Steen Haakon Hansen

Beyond Keith Johnstone's methods

Improve your improvisation skills and techniques with this unique workshop opportunity.

This eight-day workshop is divided into two parts taught by two of the finest teachers and experts within the field of improvisation: Patti Stiles and Steen Haakon Hansen.

The Australian actress, improviser, director, and playwright Patti Stiles travels the word inspiring audiences with her performances and students with her teaching. Danish actor Steen Haakon Hansen is the only certified educator of Keith Johnstone's method and philosophy. 


Patti Stiles was originally trained by Keith Johnstone and it’s her knowledge of his technique and her own improvisational skills and experience, which makes Patti a unique and dynamic teacher.

The workshop is tailored to the needs of the group. This allows us to follow the inspiration as it arrives in the workshop session and let the impro take us where the impro needs to go while still working in the workshop theme.

As improvisers we are story tellers. Be it a game, short form or long form, each time we walk on stage the audience begins to connect the dots. We start to push and panic to find what is interesting of being in tune with what is already present and learning to nurture that. The Building Blocks of scene work focuses on the key element of scene work, the platform, and the many ways in which we can discover, inspire and endow this for ourselves and our partners.

NO isn´t always a block

Learning to accept each other´s offers is vital in improvisation. However, many improvisers end up being trained in pavlovian response to create improvisation through a cycle of offer – say yes – offer – say yes. Scenes go around in circles, more and more ideas are thrown in and nothing really happens. This is due to people being trained to say yes to an idea, when we need to say yes to the story. Sometimes the best yes is a NO.

"Patti Stiles is a legendary teacher and performer in the world of improvised theatre. Onstage her work always sparkles with life and truth, while in the workshop setting she is thought-provoking and inspirational".

- Quote from former participant

Staging and performing impro - WITH STEEN HAAKON HANSEN

The content of the workshop is rooted in the work of Keith Johnstone, and will introduce you to exercises, games and techniques that are a further development of his techniques and philosophies.

The workshop focuses on story and character - how do you create a character, be that in drama or comedy. How do you find the point of the scene, what is the scene about, how do you bring the story forward, and how do you end it?

Steen works to melt techniques/methods and expression together. How do you prepare yourself without being prepared? How much improvisation is about saying yes? Steen has worked over the years to find techniques that prepare you, not to be prepared.

The techniques and theories the participants will work with, in addition to Keith Johnstone and Steen Haakon Hansen’s, come from all sides of the performative world - from Spolin to Johnstone, from Bali to Moscow, from IO to Meisner.

Key words for the workshop:

  • The dynamics of building the story
  • Impro and the art of bricolage
  • Collecting and composing impro materials
  • Impro for character work
  • Identifying and performing plots

Focus is on creating a safe space and removing blockages, thereby freeing the creative forces of the participants. Don´t miss this unique opportunity to take the impro method further.

"When Keith says Steen should be his successor in DK, he isn't kidding. The work Steen did truly enhance everything Keith had to teach and he was able to come at it from not only Keith’s perspective, but also from the perspective of physicality, as well".

"I would really like more workshops with Steen in the future. He is a good listener, good in making a good and safe atmosphere for developing, rehearsing and exploring."

- Quotes from last year’s participants


Target audience

The course is targeting everyone who works with improvisation but is primarily aimed for performers and mediators who work with improvisation for communication and dialogue, and performers / improvisers performing on stage.


Bio - Patti Stiles
Bio - Steen Haakon Hansen
11. - 18. August 2018
Target audience
For everybody
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Price in DKK
10.000,- DKK
Registration deadline
25. June 2018
Den Danske Scenekunstskole Efter- og videreuddannelse
Annebergparken 22
4500 Nykøbing Sjælland
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The price includes your own bedroom (shared bathrooms) and all meals
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