Enrique Vargas & Teatro de los Sentidos #3: Sensorial Theater and Dramaturgy

Photo: Francisco Javier García
Photo: Francisco Javier García
Artistic director Enrique Vargas
Course facilitator Eva Pérez
Course facilitator Arianna Marano

This 3rd workshop of the cycle aims at exploring the basic elements to develop a dramaturgy for a sensorial immersive experience in the landmark style of the company.

The work will start focusing on the poetics of curiosity and expectation. Later on, it will dive into the relationship between body and space. And, eventually explore what a dramaturgical structure means in the context of sensorial theatre. Concepts like “framework” and “imaginary” and the itinerary from expectation to resolution and ultimately culmination will articulate the process.

  • What is the difference between “archetype” and “stereotype”. How can we use the former in the context of body memory?
  • How can we evoke without imposing?
  • How can we, as performers, be in control of an experience, yet avoiding the “presence” of an actor who commands the stage to make the audience the real centre of the piece?
  • What is the difference between information and experience?
  • How can we create the conditions for a poetic experience which goes beyond aesthetics to facilitate an inner transformation?

The methodology will be mainly practical. The participants will create individual and group sensorial experiences indoors and outdoors for each other and evaluate them jointly the instructors.

In this process, a series of experiences will be selected and further developed.

During the last day, the lab will open doors to a selected small audience who will experience the pieces and will also be invited to a final talk to assess the outcome in terms of goals, structure and impact.

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The three workshops constitute an integrative body of work. Hence, participation in at least one of the first workshops is mandatory in order to take part in the final workshop.

In exceptional cases, participation in previous workshops by the company or relevant studies/experience in immersive/sensorial theatre will be considered to apply directly for this 3rd level.



Kunsthal Charlottenborg 
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts' Schools of Visual Art
The Ministry of Culture Denmark

29. May - 02. June 2017
Target audience
Actors, dramaturges, directors, set designers, visual artists, students of DDSKS and KADK
Number of participants
Price in DKK
5.000,- DKK
Registration deadline
25. May 2017
Den Danske Scenekunstskole Odsherred
Annebergparken 22
4500 Nykøbing Sjælland
Extra information
The price includes your own bedroom (shared bathrooms) and all meals
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