Conzeptualizing, Creating, Collaborating

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  • Would you like to develop your skills in creating performing arts concepts that actively respond to and engage with the surrounding world?
  • Do you want to work cross-disciplinarily with text, acting, dance, sound, light, and video?
  • Are you interested in exploring how to stimulate processes of collaboration both within and around the artistic core team?

The specialisation Conceptualizing, Creating, and Collaborating focuses on how you can generate strong performing arts concepts, whilst working in a process-led and collaborative manner.

The specialisation centres on developing creative ideas into performing arts concepts. The approach to conceptualizing offered in the specialisation pays close attention to the social, political, and cultural contexts in which contemporary theatre and performance are embedded and the ways in which performance concepts may respond to them in imaginative and unforeseeable ways. Particular emphasis will be placed on the exploration of interdisciplinary and collaboratively-based ways of conceptualizing and generating material. At the same time, the specialisation sets out to explore how to stimulate sustainable and supportive forms of collaboration both within and around the artistic core team.

As a student, you must be prepared to engage with theatre and performing arts on a practical as well as a theoretical level by means of artistic, written, and oral communication. Likewise, you must be ready to explore and develop your artistic ideas in collaborative and interdisciplinary projects, which may involve actors, directors, set designers, playwrights, sound and light designers, producers, and others.

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