Waves Xtra - Workshop with Peeping Tom

As part of the Waves Xtra programme, we invite you to join us for a very special all-day experience including workshop, artist talk and performance by the award-winning Belgium dance company Peeping Tom. You will also have time to enjoy the festival’s outdoor shows as well as Cantabile 2's The Time Being. 

MONDAY, 26TH OF AUGUST - programme



MONDAY, 26th of August
Kl. 1O.OO – 13.OO

Venue: STARS, Algade 84, Vordingborg
Teacher is Brandon Lagaert.

In collaboration with Waves Festival 2019 we offer this unique chance to work with one of the dancers from the international renowned dance/theatre company Peeping Tom. The equilibristic and creative dancers are admired for their original technique and the strong images they create in the hyper realistic universes of the performances.

In this workshop you get the opportunity to immerse yourself in the work of Peeping Tom as well as discover the particular techniques used by Peeping Tom performers. In addition, participants will learn about Peeping Tom’s particular (hyperrealistic) aesthetics. The choreographers depict a universe in which the prevailing logic of time, space and atmosphere is questioned, always with a strong focus on the dark side of the individual and the community.

The workshop is targeted semiprofessional and professional dancers and is on a high level.

KIND by Peeping Tom ©Olympe Tits
KIND by Peeping Tom ©Oleg Degtiarov
MOEDER by Peeping Tom, Waves Festival 2017, photo: Herman Sorgeloos
VADER by Peeping Tom, Waves Festival 2015, photo: Herman Sorgeloos



14.OO – 15.OO

Venue: STARS
Moderated by national theatre critic Monna Dithmer.

The artist talk aims at going in depth with the vision and creation method of Peeping Tom and especially the performance Kind (Child). Kind is the third part of a family trilogy succeeding Vader (father) from 2014 and Moeder (Mother) from 2016.

The basis for Kind is the perspective of the child and children’s internal and external world. The choreographers investigate how a child’s perspective changes as it grows and develops itself on its way to adolescence and adulthood, with all the associated choices, pressures, fears, doubts and physical changes, and how this translates into gestures and body language.



The two performances included in the all-day experience is, of course, Kind by Peeping Tom and The Time Being 2.O by Cantabile 2 – the organizer of Waves Festival since 1987. Both are part of the Waves Festival Programme.

Read more about the shows at the Festival Website


The prize of 550kr includes workshop and artist talk with Peeping Tom, lunch, dinner, street theatre programme, tickets for the two evening shows and transport by bus from Copenhagen to Vordingborg where Waves Festival takes place.

The bus departs from Copenhagen kl. 8.20 from DGI Byen, Ingerslevgade, close to Copenhagen Central Station, and it returns to the same place at kl. 24.00.

You can board the bus 1O minutes prior to departure.

About Waves Xtra

Waves Xtra takes place from August 26th-30th, 2019 during the Waves Festival in Vordingborg.  It is a five-day programme of dialogue, workshops for professionals, network and knowledge sharing events for theatre professionals, companies, organizations, students and researchers.

Click here for the entire Waves Xtra programme.

Waves Xtra 2019 is organized in close cooperation between the Danish National School of Performing Arts Further Education, the Development Platform For Performing Arts, and Waves Festival.

Waves Xtra is supported by Statens Kunstfonds Kvalitetsudviklingspulje for egnsteatre.

26. August 2019
Antal deltagere
Pris i DKK
550,- DKK
16. August 2019
Ekstra oplysninger
Bus departure CPH by DGI Byen, Ingerslevsgade: kl. 8.2O Bus returns to Ingerslevsgade: kl. 24.OO
Waves Xtra is conducted in English
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