Waves Xtra - Workshop with Christian Casanova / Murmuyo

As part of the Waves Xtra programme, we invite you to join us for a very special all-day experience including workshop with Murmuyo, artist talk, street theatre programme and an evening outdoor performance by South Korean artist Yinyeob Lee.

Friday, 30TH OF AUGUST - Programme

  • Kl. 8.20        Bus departure from DGI byen, Ingerslevgade, Copenhagen
  • Kl. 10-13      Workshop with Christian Casanova / Murmuyo
  • Kl. 13-14      Lunch
  • Kl. 14-16      Artist talk with Martin Zimmermann & Yinyeob Lee
  • Kl. 21.00      Water performance Muljil by Elephants Laugh / Yinyeob Lee
  • Kl. 22.00      Bus departure from Waves/Vordingborg
  • Kl. 23.30      Arrival in DGI byen/Copenhagen


Important! You have to create a user account https://ddsks.dk/en/evu/register before you can sign up for the workshop. You do not have to attach a CV or any other documents. After you have created the account, you can register for the workshop and you will receive a payment link within the next 24 hours.

For the registration link, see bottom of the page.

Muljil by Elephants Laugh (KOR) ⓒJANG Seokhyeon
Hallo by Martin Zimmermann ⓒAugistin Rebetez



Kl. 1O.OO – 13.OO

Venue: STARS
Teacher is Christian Casanova

In collaboration with Waves Festival 2019 we offer this unique chance to work with a true giant of street performance. Christian Casanova, with his character Murmuyo, is a hilarious and fearless performer with spotless timing. He is a brilliant mime, but he is much more than that. His alert improvisation makes his interaction with the audience filled with presence and the feeling that everything can happen – and most likely will!

The workshop will focus on

  • Awareness of body and space
  • Stimulus and response in unexpected situations
  • Consciousness of the senses: the sight, the touch, the taste, the smell and the ear
  • Rhythm and speeds in the movement
  • The elements: air, fire, water and earth
  • Presence
  • Pantomime
  • Classic, modern and body mime
  • Clown and improvisation

You will benefit just as well if you don’t work in the street.

The workshop is targeted semiprofessional and professional mimes, clowns, dancers, physical actors, actors, etc. and is on a high level.


The career of chilean artist Christian Casanova Zuñiga, Murmuyo, began in 1989. This admirer of Marcel Marceau had a dream: to become mime.

Skjul beskrivelse
Vis beskrivelse

The options to become mime in Chile, in terms of training, were minimal: there were only a few places dedicated to teach pantomime, circus or clown. His wipower as autodidact led him to work in the streets, where he experienced and learned from other clowns and mimes (he ended up creating La Casa del Mimo in Chile).

He also had the opportunity to study with masters such as Marcel Marceau, Roberto Espina and Mequias Paz, among others.

He studied the great ones like: Baxter Keaton and his hieratic gesture, his admirable acrobatic capacity and spontaneity. Charles Chaplin in his ability to generate invisible spaces, where a precise gesture changes everything. Decroux and his application of drama to physical movement: pause, hesitation, weight, resistance, surprise, emotion. Marceau and his identification with the characters, elements and objects that surround him. Lecoq and his study of the mask.

The information founded made him able to create a stable but flexible platform, from which generate a space to receive all the processes of emotional expression through spontaneity and silence, playing with the stimuli of the street, its conflicts, handle emotions. He created the show SU-SESO TALADRO in 1990 after conquering the spot day a day with the disagreement of the authorities the years of Pinochet dictatorship and the support of the public. He also works with The Deaf Association of Chile, ASOCH, where he createand directed the company "La Seña".

Creating style

The unmistakable style of Christian in his quintessential character "MURMUYO", has shown how all these influences come together, configuring a new landscape, a new land. A unique style that, has inspired new street artists. A way to understand the art of mime that moves and touches every spectator. Generating intense emotions, incredible situations and unforgettable moments.



14.OO – 16.OO

Venue: STARS
Moderated by national theatre critic Monna Dithmer & Gritt Uldall-Jessen, playwright and festival curator from the independent scene.

The artist talks aims at going in depth with the vision and creation method of Martin Zimmermann (CH), who is presenting Hallo at Waves and Yinyeob Lee (KOR) who is presenting the immersive performances Bodies in the dark and Muljil at the festival.

The water performance Muljil can be seen Friday evening at 21.00.



The prize of 550kr includes workshop with Christian Casanova / Murmuyo, artist talk, lunch, dinner, street theatre programme, evening outdoor show and transport by bus from Copenhagen to Vordingborg where Waves Festival takes place.

The bus departs from Copenhagen kl. 8.20 from DGI Byen, Ingerslevgade, close to Copenhagen Central Station. The bus departs from Waves/Vordingborg at kl. 22.00 and arrives at DGI byen in Copenhagen at kl. 23.30.

You can board the bus 10 minutes prior to departure.

About Waves Xtra

Waves Xtra takes place from August 26th-30th, 2019 during the Waves Festival in Vordingborg.  It is a five-day programme of dialogue, workshops for professionals, network and knowledge sharing events for theatre professionals, companies, organizations, students and researchers.

Click here for the entire Waves Xtra programme.

Waves Xtra 2019 is organized in close cooperation between the Danish National School of Performing Arts Further Education, the Development Platform For Performing Arts, and Waves Festival.

Waves Xtra is supported by Statens Kunstfonds Kvalitetsudviklingspulje for egnsteatre.

30. August 2019
Antal deltagere
Pris i DKK
550,- DKK
23. August 2019
Algade 84
4760 Vordingborg
Ekstra oplysninger
Bus departure from DGI Byen, Ingerslevsgade, Copenhagen kl. 8.2O. Bus departure from Waves/Vordingborg kl. 22.00 (Arrival in DGI byen/Copenhagen at 23.30).
Waves Xtra is conducted in English
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