Waves Xtra - New Formats


-  a seminar about Festivals in performing arts – networking & development

As part of the Waves Xtra programme, we invite you to join us for New Formats - a one-day seminar on festival planning and creation. The day also includes an artist talk, outdoor shows, and two evening performances.

Thursday, 29TH OF AUGUST - programme

  • Kl. 10-11       Artist talk with Cantabile 2
  • Kl. 11-16.15  Seminar about festivals in performing arts
  • Kl. 16.15-19  Street theatre programme and dinner 
  • Kl. 19.00        Hallo by Martin Zimmermann
  • Kl. 21.00        The Time Being by Cantabile 2


Important! You have to create a user account https://ddsks.dk/en/evu/register before you can sign up for the workshop. You do not have to attach a CV or any other documents. After you have created the account, you can register for the workshop and you will receive a payment link within the next 24 hours.

For the registration link, see bottom of the page.

Hallo by Martin Zimmermann ⓒAugistin Rebetez
The Time Being/ Cantabile 2 (DK)


10.OO – 11.OO

Venue: STARS, Algade 84, Vordingborg
Moderated by national theatre critic Monna Dithmer.

The artist talk aims at going in depth with the vision and creation method of Cantabile 2.

New Formats

– networking and development for festivals

Kl. 11.OO – 16.15

Venue: STARS, Algade 84, Vordingborg
Moderator: Maj-Britt Mathiesen, producer at The Danish National School for Performing Arts Further Education.

In creating a festival, or other recurring cultural events, it is necessary to work on a clear branding and signal value of the event. It is a huge organizational work which benefits from building on top of previous good results and successes.

But how to keep reinventing an event without losing a clear identity and disappoint expectations? How to keep thinking out of the box that you have put yourself in, and to question the do’s and don’ts - and still maintain good relations with funding bodies?

About New Formats

This day we will ask key persons, from well-known festivals with clear trademarks, how they inspire themselves, which are the new formats they are most proud of, and their take on stumbling stones for innovation.

We will, among others, meet Kitt Johnson, choreographer, dancer and artistic director of X-act (DK), Danjel Andersson, artistic director of Dansehallerne, and Werner Schrempf from La Strada Graz (AU). 

New Formats will be rich in networking and feedback sessions, where the participants reflect on own events and make use of the knowledge and experience present in the room, and it will feature reflections on festival values in bathing suits or bathrobes! (or preferred alternatives).

New Formats is targeted festival directors and other professionals involved in festival planning and creation.



The prize of 550kr includes participation in the seminar New Formats, artist talk, lunch, dinner, street theatre programme and tickets for the two evening performances.

The two performances included in the all-day experience is Martin Zimmermann's Hallo and The Time Being by Cantabile 2 – the organiser of Waves Festival since 1987. Both are part of the Waves Festival Programme.

Read more about the performances at the Festival Website.

About Waves Xtra

Waves Xtra takes place from August 26th-30th, 2019 during the Waves Festival in Vordingborg.  It is a five-day programme of dialogue, workshops for professionals, network and knowledge sharing events for theatre professionals, companies, organizations, students and researchers.

Click here for the entire Waves Xtra programme.

Waves Xtra 2019 is organized in close cooperation between the Danish National School of Performing Arts Further Education, the Development Platform For Performing Arts, and Waves Festival.

Waves Xtra is supported by Statens Kunstfonds Kvalitetsudviklingspulje for egnsteatre.

29. August 2019
Pris i DKK
550,- DKK
23. August 2019
Algade 84
4760 Vordingborg
Waves Xtra is conducted in English
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