The topography of story


about the topography  of story

  • Would you like to better understand the stories that surround you? From the ones you tell yourself, about who you are and why you do what you do - to the big ones that dominate the world?
  • Would you like to develop story as a tool to help explore your practice - to develop your ideas, to trouble-shoot them, and as a source of inspiration?
  • And how about honing your dramaturgical skills and learning more about how plays work?

The specialisation The Topography of Story starts with you and your work - and expands to connect to the most powerful narratives of our time.

Story comes from lots of different places in our lives, at any point, there are a number of different narratives playing out and intersecting for us. However, because they are so much part of the fabric of our lives, we are often less aware of them and the power they have than we might be. A better understanding of them can enable us to make clearer choices – as artists and as people – to unhook ourselves from dominant social, political, cultural and personal narratives.

The Topography of Story specialisation enables you to become a narrative artist. You will learn how story works in the world and in our lives, together with how it can be used as a tool, to develop and troubleshoot your creative work – whether that’s sound, lighting, directing, writing or performing. You will also complete the specialisation with a better understanding of how plays work.

As a student, you must be prepared to engage with theatre and performing arts on a practical as well as a theoretical level by means of artistic, written and oral communication. Collaboration is also very important to this specialisation.

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