Quantum Movement and Sound Workshop

This is an extraordinary possibility to be a part of a pilot project that will take some of the very first step in exploring the interaction between Performing arts and Quantum Mechanics.
No scientific background knowledge is needed before entering this workshop. Only a rich artistic fantasy and creativity that is ready to meet and work with information that goes far beyond the classical understanding of the world. 
Come and face this "Crazy" world of quantum mechanics and see how it can change your idea of the world and your art. 


Since the fall 2015 a group of scientists, musicians and composers has worked together to create a collaborative platform between arts and science based on quantum mechanics. The project includes institutions and universities from Serbia, Slovenia, Denmark, England and Holland.

In the fall 2017 the project will be finalized by a European tour with the Serbian piano group LP duo, which will play a number of concerts with music inspired by quantum mechanics as well as making the presentation of a new instrument:  The quantum grand piano – a hybrid instrument.

In connection with the concert in Denmark, The Danish National School of Performing Arts (Further education) will launch a workshop based on the knowledge and experience, which has come out of this project in order to inspire further artistic development in the field of dance, light and music.



The workshop is divided in 2 parts (2 weeks).
September 4 to September 15, Monday to Friday 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm.

The 1st part is a research on quantum mechanical phenomenas. During the week the participants are supposed to select a subject from the chapter list (see below) and to formulate some artistic strategies that can be used for the lab work the following week.

This part will include lectures by Klaus Mølmer, physicist at Aarhus University, Michael Breiner, light designer and Kim Helweg, composer, among others.

The 2nd part will be lab work only. Investigating the possibilities of working with the information's of quantum mechanics as a practical and/or philosophic artistic tool. The process of the experiment has high priority together with daily sharing. No finalized artistic work will be expected.     

The course is aimed at professional artists who works with the relationship between dance and music (Choreomusical practice): Choreographers, composers, musician, dancers, light designers and sound designers.

The chapters

The following list indicates the phenomena in quantum mechanics, which have been used in the Quantum Music project, and which is supposed to make the basis and inspiration for the research in this workshop. The chapter list is developed especially for this project by Vlatko Vedral professor in physics at the University of Oxford.

Quantum Mechanics

1. Vacuum
2. Single Particle
3. Superposition
4. Collapse of Wave Function
5. Duality
6. Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle
7. 2 Particles
8. Bose Condensation
9. European Robin's Migration
10. Entanglement
11. Schrödinger’s Cat
12. Cataloging Information
13. Teleportation

Video presentation of the chapters

04. - 15. september 2017
13:30 - 17:00
Monday to Friday in both weeks
For professional choreographers, composers, musician, dancers, light designers and sound designers
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5. september 2017
Den Danske Scenekunstskole
Philip de Langes Allé 3
1435 København K
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