Observer / Masterclass with Patsy Rodenburg 2019

"I am an enormous fan of her work. What is wonderful about her is the directness and clarity of her teaching and her enthusiasm.”
- Dame Judi Dench, Actress

You are welcome to attend the masterclass with Patsy Rodenburg as an observer!

In this masterclass the participants will explore how to prepare to speak and act Shakespeare.

Craft is very important in freeing an actor to realize the passion of thought and feeling of the plays. The participants will work on body, breath, voice, speech and “Presence” which are all critical foundation stones needed to even begin to work the text. How the structures and rhythms aid the actor will also be explored as well as how to apply technique to performance.

More information about the masterclass can be found here.

You can participate as an actor on stage or as an observer. For those who wish to attend the masterclass as an actor, please apply for Masterclass with Patsy Rodenburg.

The masterclass is in cooperation with the Danish Actors Association - DSF Studio.

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“Patsy Rodenburg wants to free your voice so that you can express yourself fully and honestly.”
- Sir Ian McKellen, Actor

About Patsy Rodenburg
15. - 16. juni 2019
9:00 - 18:00
For professionelle scenekunstnere
Antal deltagere
Pris i DKK
600,- DKK
11. juni 2019
DDSKS København
Per Knutzons Vej 5
1437 København K
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