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Kim Helweg has studied musicology at the University of Copenhagen and has taught as well as given lectures and workshops since 1977. He had his professional debut as a composer in 1974 and has since written music in different genres and has been commissioned works from most of Europe as well as US, Canada, Argentina, Brazil and China.

Kim has written music for more than 50 dance performances, one opera, (Stalingrad) and an international award-winning musical (The Kreutzer Sonata). In addition, Kim has composed music for a wide range of scenic experiments and a lot of works for orchestras, chamber ensembles and not at least for two pianos.

His collaboration with the dance has resulted in a long list of experimental works which investigate the relationship between music and dance in the newer choreographic practice as well as in the neo classical ballet. Furthermore, he has developed the discipline of Choreomusical Practice by thoroughly renewing the music in classical ballet training, as well as introducing conceptual musical compositional thinking in contemporary dance training programs. He has also created and strengthened a wide-ranging international collaboration in this field. The MAD (Musical Accompaniment to Dance) programme, launched in 2008, is based on these ideas. For the renewal of music for dance technique classes and the establishment of the MAD programme he has received the following prizes: Vibeke Rørvig's Fund in 2015 and the Ballet's Friend's Applause Award in 2017.

Knowledge from professional practice

Kim Helweg has recently composed the music for the dance performances Petit Voyage (Corpus, Royal Danish Ballet), Mechanical Destruction for 2 pianos and analog synthesizers (Belgrade 2016), The cello concerto BEC Music (Opera 2017) and chamber music pieces Quantum Leaves and Quantum Suite (Carnegie Hall 2017), Super Position for 2 pianos (European tour 2017) where cooperation with, and inspiration from, scientific subjects emerges clearly.

He has been artistic responsible for a number of interdisciplinary works at The Royal Danish Theater. Among others the concerts Synesthesia (Opera 2016) and the concert lectures: BEC Music and Quantum Music (Old Stage, Royal Theater 2017).

Moreover, Kim has lectured on musical composition and Choreomusical Practice at Cincinnati University, USA, IGMID Arizona University, USA, Instituto Federale de Brasilia and Universidade de Brasilia, Brazil, Schule for Music and Theater, Rockstock, Germany, Accademia Nazionale di Danza, Rome, Italy and the universities of Stavanger, Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn as well as for teachers and/or pianists at the Royal Danish Ballet School and Swedish National Ballet School and Royal Swedish Ballet School.

Artistic research

Kim has completed two artistic research projects at The Danish National School of Performing Arts:  


Currently, Kim is working as a part of the artistic managemnet and as a composer in the international artistic research project QUANTUM MUSIC (2015-2018) supported by Creative Europe (EU) and the Danish Art Foundation (DK).

Kim Helweg has published several articles on Choreomusical Practice in Terpsichore (2009-2012) and in Dalla Sinfonia al Plie, Il Corpo nel Suono (Accademia Nazionale di Danza, Roma, Italia 2017).