Masterclass med international førende podcaster Kaitlin Prest

They call radio the theater of the mind. How can we use the craft of audio to create unforgettable works of fiction? Traditional radio drama often sounds campy, canned and cliche. Often, writers and directors adapt a script that was originally written for the stage or the screen. But fiction in audio requires a different set of skills, the same way that television, film and theater have a vocabulary and a grammar, so too does audio work.

With the invention of podcasting, yet another grammar is being developed. 

Kaitlin Prest shares some of the her favourite works of audio fiction, and explains the technique behind why they work so well. She discusses her process writing, producing and directing the Prix Italia award winning radio play "Movies In Your Head". She teaches the grammar and the vocabulary of audio. 

In this masterclass you will learn about writing for radio, recording authentic sounding scenes, and the role of sound design in audio fiction. You will have the opportunity to workshop your own radioplay ideas, and you will hear incredible works that will leave you inspired. 

About Kaitlin Prest:

Kaitlin Prest is an audio artist working in radio, performance and installation. She is the creator and host of The Heart on Radiotopia by PRX, where she explores intimacy through innovative approaches to sound and storytelling. Her work has been recognized by several international awards, Peabody Finalist (2017), Third Coast International Gold for Best Documentary (2016), Prix Italia for New Formats in Radio (2015) and the Hearsay Festival’s Overall Prize (2014). Her work in radio, podcasting, performance and installation have been featured at audio festivals and conferences around the world.

To read and listen to Kaitlin Prest's Pod cast - THE HEART klik her.


Masterclass'en med Kaitlin Prest er skabt i samarbejde med og afholdes i forbindelse med Københavns Radiobiograf årlige festival den 20.-24. september. Køben­havns Radio­bi­o­graf er Dan­marks største res­sour­ce inden for for­mid­lin­gen af den revo­lu­tion, radio­me­di­et gen­nem­går dis­se år med udbre­del­sen af podcasts og lyt­ning on­ demand.

Det er ligeledes i samarbejde med Kbh. Radiobiograf af vi afholder vores anden podcast workshop- how to create my own podcast. En hands on workshop med dokumentarist Ole Fugl Hørkilde. Vi anbefaler at man tager hans workshop som optakt til Kaitlin Prests Masterclass, i særdeleshed hvis man ikke har arbejdet med radio og podcast før. For mere information om workshoppen med Ole Fugl Hørkilde, klik her. Yderligere væsentligt at nævne er prisen. 

Prisen for Masterclass'en er 800,- når man tager den selvstændigt, men koster 600,- når man har været på Hands On workshoppen.   

12. september 2017
10:00 - 15:30
Professionelle Scenekunstnere, dramatikere og dramaturger
Antal deltagere
Pris i DKK
800,- DKK
31. August 2017
Ekstra oplysninger
OBS. Vi gør opmærksom på at Masterclass'en med Kaitlin Prest vil være en videreudvikling af workshoppen med Ole Fugl Hørkilde. OG at prisen for Masterclass'en er 800,- når man tager den selvstændigt og 600,- når man har været på Hands On workshoppen.
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