Mask and Mask Technique

Mask and mask technique.

A practical and theoretical workshop for performers in how to work with a neutral mask held by Per Sörberg , adjunct in Scenisk Gestaltning at Stockholms Dramatiska Högskola. The workshop begins with a short lecture on the theory of the neutral mask – which unlike the trance mask – does not transform the performer, but is filled by the performer and is followed by practical exercises under guidance from Per Sörberg, one of Swedens leading mask performers and teacher at STDH.

The workshop is intended for professional performers – actors, dancers, performance artists – who are unused but curious of mask thechnique and will cover basic techniques for the neutral mask.

The workshop is also part of preparing an upcoming production by Finnish performance group Blaue Frau and Stefan Åkesson from Swedish performance company Poste Restante which goes under the working title “Private vs Professional” which aims to explore if the western theatre tradition has anything to learn contemporary people, where everyone with an internet connection create the image of oneself on social media. The team consisting of eight performers from Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland are all themselves unused to mask and will take part in the workshop to learn technique and theory of mask.

Participants from Copenhagen will have the chance to both learn mask technique and in the workshop come in contact with colleagues from other Scandinavian countries coming from different disciplines in the performing arts.

Practical details:

Workshop leader Per Sörberg

Participants from Blaue Frau and the production team: Stefan Åkesson, Joanna Wingren, Sonja Ahlfors, Bergdis Julia Johansdottir, Nina Matthis, Sepideh Khodarami, Lidia Bäck, Klara Wenner Tångring

To see more about Blaue Frau and their Productions CLICK HERE



14. - 15. november 2017
10:00 - 17:00
En times frokost pause hver dag fra kl. 12-13
For professionel actors, dancers and performance artists
Antal deltagere
Pris i DKK
500,- DKK
10. november 2017
Den Danske Scenekunstskole
Philip de Langes Allé 3
1435 København K
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