Into the light - out of the dark

Light and Darkness workshop with Dr. Scott Palmer and light designer Michael Breiner

Join us for a one-day creative exploration of the role that light and darkness play in creating experience for audiences.

Through a creative workshop, practical experimentations, lecture-demonstration and performative interventions we will immerse ourselves in the world of light and darkness in order to explore the potential for using these as materials in performance.

From Youth at Republique, photo by Søren Knud

We will explore:

  • How might we understand the affect of light and its absence in the theatrical context?
  • How does the creative use of light influence meaning-making on the stage?
  • How can we understand light?
  • Why is darkness important?
  • What strategies might we employ to design audience experiences using light and darkness?
  • How does light/darkness influence the staging of performance?

In exploring the dramaturgy of light and darkness we will focus both on the semiotics and our phenomenological responses – How do we see and feel in changing conditions of light/darkness?

The workshop would be ideal for creative individuals looking to spend some time considering the creative potential of light and darkness: Designers (stage, costume, light, sound), directors, playwrights, theatre practitioners, artists, architects, dancers, performers, academics, theatre critics.

About Dr. Scott Palmer

Scott Palmer is a University of Leeds Excellence & Innovation Fellow and Lecturer in Scenography in the School of Performance & Cultural Industries.

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His teaching and research focus on new ways of thinking about light as a creative performance practice, immersive theatrical environments and the interaction between technology and performance. Publications include the monograph Light: Readings in Theatre Practice (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013) and Scenography Expanded: An Introduction to Contemporary Performance Design (Bloomsbury Methuen 2017).

He is an associate editor of the Routledge Theatre and Performance Design journal and co-editor of the new Bloomsbury Performance + Design book series. Scott has contributed to the lighting, projection and scenography of DV8 Physical Theatre’s To Be Straight With You (2007-8), NVA & Phoenix Dance Theatre’s Ghost Peloton, (2014) and recently directed ESTATE, a collaborative, site-specific landscape performance in South Florida which now exists as a 360ºVR Film (2018).

About Michael Breiner

Michael Breiner, lighting designer and teacher.

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In 2000 Michael Breiner started at Theater Kaleidoskop in Copenhagensom as autodidact lightdesigner. Michael has been working freelance both domestic and abroad. In 2004 Michael started teaching at The Danish National School of  Performing Arts. He is a member of the study board at the school.

2013 - 2019 Bord member at the Danish Setdesigner Union.
2004 - 2019 Teacher at The Danish National School of Performing Arts.
2000 - 2019 Freelance lighdesigner.
1998 - 2004 Freelance Light technician Copenhagen.
1997 - 1998 Pratical light work at Doktor Dantes Aveny Copenhagen.

25. maj 2019
9:00 - 17:00
For designers (Light, Sound, Costume, Stage), directors, dancers, performers, academics and theatre critics
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600,- DKK
23. maj 2019
DDSKS København
Per Knutzons Vej 5
1437 København K
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