An exclusive Masterclass
for professional actors looking for a tune-up

"There is no actor I know with more artistic integrity, love of the craft, and just plain know-how than Kirk Baltz."
          - Philip Seymour Hoffman.

We are more than thrilled to announce that Kirk Baltz once again will conduct a masterclass here in Copenhagen.

Kirk Baltz is a highly esteemed teacher and actor who teaches all over the world. In addition to this Masterclass in Copenhagen, Kirk will be giving workshops in Oslo and Stockholm.

About the masterclass

Focus for this specifik masterclass will for each actor be: Find your center - reside in and create from a place of simplicity, truth and conviction.

Kirk Baltz’s teaching is Method and Meisner-based, using repetition, movement, sensory work, improvisation, writing, script analysis and varying exercises. The masterclass is taught in a warm, truthful, humoristic and direct manner. Kirk encourages artists to fully be who they are while realizing their full potential. Kirk’s work can also help participants with practicing the differences between acting on stage, on camera and in a casting office.

As an acting teacher, Kirk Baltz works with actors, writers and directors all over the world helping them gain a better understanding of strong acting techniques and staying authentic in the work, thus gaining a more striking presence on stage and on film.


  • Strengthen your acting technique while working in a safe and inspiring environment.
  • Make strong choices, which aid in the delivery of a performance that is truthful and alive.
  • Keep your work fresh and consistent.
  • Be able to overcome personal blockages while achieving your full potential.


  • One-on-one coaching (in a classroom setting) to help fine-tune your work.
  • Going through the process of working on monologues and scenes while releasing emotion with freedom and clarity.
  • Greater confidence in how you approach and experience your work as an artist.

Exercises will include: Movement, relaxation, sensory work, and text absorption while incorporating impro.

The workshop is a collaboration between TeaterAlliansen, Norsk Skuspillersenter and The Danish National School of Performing Arts - Further Education.

Kirk Baltz and Steve Buscemi in Reservoir Dogs (1992).
Kirk Baltz in Evan Cooper's The Armoire (2017).
Kirk Baltz in Dances with Wolves (1990). Photo by Ben Glass
About Kirk Baltz

Kirk Baltz is a Hollywood-based renowned actor and acclaimed acting coach.

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From the start of his career Baltz has studied extensively in NYC and LA with noted teachers like Sandra Seacat, Greg Zittle, Susan Batson, Tony Greco, and Penny Allen; who are responsible for the training (and in some cases the continued coaching), of actors such as Ryan Gosling, Nicole Kidman, Andrew Garfield, Laura Dern, Mickey Rourke, Jessica Lange, Harvey Keitel and Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

He has appeared in numerous television shows: The Shield, NYPD Blue, Without A Trace, Will and Grace, 24 and NCIS: Los Angeles and noted features such as Bulworth, Natural Born Killers, Reservoir Dogs (as Officer Marvin Nash), Dances with Wolves and Taylor Hackford’s Parker.

Kirk has recently appeared in the film Interior Night and will soon be seen in Deniz Erguven’s Kings. He can currently be seen in international film festivals in the critically acclaimed short films The Armoire written and directed by Evan Cooper and Demon written and directed by Caleb Slain. Kirk will be appearing in the upcoming feature The Will O Wisp by Evan Cooper.

"Kirk immediately creates a safe and comfortable environment filled with trust and different techniques, helping free and truthful acting to arise. I highly recommend working with him."  Amanda Collins - Actress


"Kirk made me rethink my craft as an actor…I left his workshop with an excitement I have not had in quite sometime. His teaching has given me tools to move forward with greater confidence and a deeper connection to my true self.  I very much look forward to his returning to Oslo!" André Softeland - Actor 


"Kirk’s workshop is a must! He creates a safe and trusting environment and has helped me to better understand who I am as a person and an actor. I now enjoy my craft even more! I’ve been acting for 30 plus years and Kirk is without a doubt the best coach I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Always look forward to his returning to Stockholm."  Kajsa Ernst - Actress 

05. - 08. februar 2020
Masterclass every day from 10-5 o'clock
For professional actors
Antal deltagere
Pris i DKK
2.400,- DKK
13. januar 2020
DDSKS København
Per Knutzons Vej 5
1437 København K
Ekstra oplysninger
We will be working with "A Brief History of Helen of Troy" by Mark Schultz during the workshop. Please read the entire play before hand. The work will take place in the Theatre Space at the school at Holmen.
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