The Many Headed Monster


- a sharp, humorous and interactive talk by the outstanding English artist Joshua Sofaer

Joshua Sofaer rehearsing Night Market Theatre. Photo by Kai-ping Fang

In this artist talk, Joshua Sofaer focuses on "The Many Headed Monster", a term he uses about the audience that the actor meets before, during and after the performance.

Across a range of artistic disciplines, artists are dealing with audiences in innovative and creative ways, placing the audience at the heart of their work. Contemporary culture is marked by the emancipation of the spectator and the transformation of the audience from passive recipient to active participant.

The talk is a critical and practical investigation into what is at stake for audiences today when they attend a live event.

The Many Headed Monster is free of charge. Registration is not necessary.  


About Joshua Sofaer

As an artist, Joshua Sofaer (United Kingdom, 1972) is centrally concerned with collaboration and participation. Often with an irreverent use of humour, he plays with established forms of production, appropriating and reconfiguring the chat show, competition, lecture, or museum display.

Among his merits are the organization of a treasure hunt at Tate Modern; a home-delivery opera service; an archaeological excavation of the addict of his childhood home; and the publication of a blank auto biography - which went on to become a bestseller. 

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His residence in January and February 2018 is arranged in a collaboration between and The Danish National School of Performing Arts Continuing Education.

Kursus ID
Dato & sted
22. februar 2018
Kl. 17:00-18:00
T1, DDSKS København
Per Knutzons Vej 5
1437 København K