Fremlæggelse: Movement Material

Rasmus Ölme is presenting the final seminar of the KUV (artistic research) project Movement Material. The presentation will be reporting on the project’s methods and results, and will document the outcomes of the last 2 years of research. 

Ontologically one could say that movement cannot be, but only happen. To move is to relax the suspensory power that holds movement back – to let movement happen. To do so one needs to differ between the tactile, kinetic experience of one’s own movement and the visual manifestation the movement produces in time and space. This attunement between moving and being moved shows a glitch within the logics of cause and effect. To engage in dancing with such an approach means to let go of the convention of self-expression to become a thing that feels by moving and being moved.
- Rasmus Ölme

Free admission - registration not necessary

Dato & sted
1. juni 2018
klokken 16:30-18:00
Sal 1, DDSKS København
Philip de Langes Allé 3
1437 København K