Fremlæggelse: imaginations for a place

In this KUV-project teacher in stage directing Andreas Liebmann explores the possibilities and perspectives of a space for performance art at the urban border. How can we find a way for theatre to play a crucial part in a democratic society where people meet relevant issues, distraction, fun, social and political engagement? Is it necessary to rethink the notion of performance art?

Andreas Liebmann has invented Tårnby Torv Festival (Nov 2017) situated in an office building at Tårnby Torv. With students from DDSKS he is looking for keys, methods and thoughts towards a theatre that adresses "everyone" and at the same time maintains a high artistic level. 

Fremlæggelse is the final presentation of the artistic research, methods and results related to the project.

Free admission - registration not necessary

Dato & sted
24. januar 2018
klokken 13:00-15:00
P2, DDSKS København
Per Knutzonsvej 5
1437 København K