about global interactions

  • Do you want to create performing arts formats with societal and global relevance?
  • Do you want to use your performative skills to develop an artistic practice that builds on various forms of interactions?
  • Are you interested in exploring how to work responsibly across diverse boundaries to create art that engages with global issues and society?

The specialisation Global InterActions focuses on how you as a performing arts artist can generate methods, works, and performative expressions which enter into dialogue with an increasingly globalized world while putting your own (artistic) self-understanding into play. At the same time, it explores how artistic and cultural encounters, in the span between the global and the local, may expand and enrich both performative skills as well as artistic expressions, intentions, and understandings across existing boundaries.

The specialisation acknowledges the cross-cultural theatre traditions of the past century but aims to explore how a global theatre of today and a contemporary approach to global interactions and issues can manifest itself. We inhabit an age where identity politics and calls to decolonize sedimented institutional practices have taken centre stage in discussions concerning art, education, and other fields. Accordingly, this specialisation asks: how do we create, (re)present, and enter into meaningful, artistically-sound, and ethical interactions across for instance national, cultural, socioeconomic, and artistic borders?

As a student, you must be prepared to engage with theatre and performing arts on a practical and theoretical level by means of artistic, written, and oral communication. You must aspire to put your own (artistic) self-understanding into play. Your practice will be shaped via encounters with others of a different cultural, and/or artistic background as well as via reflections, discussions, and work related to theories of situatedness, positioning, and ethics.

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