Artistic research and performative practices


About Artistic Research and Performative Practices

  • Would you like to explore burning real-life issues through artistic means?
  • Do you want to develop performative ways of responding to such issues based on artistic research conducted by you and your fellow students?
  • Do you wish to create work formats which relate to and seek to affect public debate?

The specialisation in Artistic Research and Performative Practices provides you with a range of methods and theories that will help you develop your own performative artistic practice. You will learn to approach an important issue from several angles to gain a more nuanced understanding and to present your findings and proposals through a range of performative means.

In the specialisation Artistic Research and Performative Practices, we examine topical problems through artistic means. Our aim is to develop novel understandings and find new ways of engaging with the world and the public. We will look primarily at large scale issues of common concern with no clear boundaries, such as climate, money, work, media and social interaction.

Through artistic research, we will seek a more nuanced understanding of our chosen subjects. This multi-faceted understanding aims to be at once broad and specific, abstract and concrete, and accessible to both thought and our senses. Such insights will then underpin a work process that seeks performative ways of engaging with the problem and with the public. We will endeavour to create platforms of relevance and importance to the issues at hand.

The specialisation in Artistic Research and Performative Practice aims to develop artists who are critically aware of issues that are of collective concern. In turn, such artists will be able to make productive and meaningful performative artistic work engaging the people to whom these issues matter the most. The studies in this specialisation will prepare students to create works in many formats which relate to and affect public debate. Such works should contribute to public discourse on an informed and professional basis in a research-based artistic role. The research is inseparable from its presentation format, since knowledge and room for action gained through the research process represent the artistic work in itself.

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