Årsmøde - Workshop nr. 6. Publikumsudvikling. Relevans og behov.

Audience Development, Relevance and Need.

-WORKSHOP NR. 6 SOM ER EN DEL AF ÅRSMØDET D. 6.6. FRA KL. 14:30 -17 with Louise Richards, Executive Director, Motionhouse.

Motionhouse is a leading UK dance company that creates awe-inspiring ‘4D’ spectacles where music, visuals, dance and physical theatre integrate to form a seamless immersive experience. The company’s distinctive style takes movement to its limits, integrating elements of circus and acrobatics with contact choreography and breath-taking dance. Their latest co-production and largest show to date is Watermusic, produced together with Randers Egnsteater as part of Europæisk Kulturhovedstad Aarhus 2017.

Motionhouse is of particular interest in a diversity and audience development context in that it produces shows of high quality that is experienced as accessible and enjoyable for large and diverse audiences. The company goes at length to present its work in places where they can reach out to new audiences and are willing to enter into new kinds of dialogue in order to achieve this.

To be relevant is part of its ethos, and it tours more widely to a larger pool of venues than any other UK dance company.

But does such a target-oriented audience development compromise artistic autonomy and pave the way for populism and commercialization? This is the topic of this event. 

Louise Richards will conduct a workshop that take offset in Motionhouses work, aesthetic and approach to audience development. This will act as inspiration and debate, where Danish artists and producers are invited to discuss their take on audience development and relevance. How far does your company dare to go?

*This workshop is in English.


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06. juni 2017
14:30 - 17:00
Administrativt og teknisk personale samt professionelle scenekunstnere.
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24. maj 2017
Skt. Annæ Plads 36
1250 Kbh. K
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